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Trapeze Chords

Trapeze Swinger Iron And Wine 
Capo 2nd 

C //// C //// C //// G ////  F5  ////  C ////  G //// Am  //// G ////  F5 //// C //// G

C               G    F5              C            G     
please remember me, happily  by the rosebush laughing 
         C          G             F5                 C                 
with bruises on my chin, the time when, we counted every black car 
       Am               G           F5              C                 G
your house beneath the hill, and up until, someone caught us in the kitchen
      Am                G             F5                  C
With maps, a mountain range, a piggy bank, a vision too removed to 
         C           G      F5                   C                         
But please remember me, fondly, I heard from someone you’re still 
         C                G                    F5    
And then, they went on to say That the pearly gates, has some 
    C       G
eloquent graffiti
      Am             G                F5               C 
Like, we’ll, meet again, and fuck the man And tell my mother not to 
   Am           G         F5                 C                  G
And angels with a great, handshake And all is done in such a hurry
      C              G        F5             C     
And please remember me, at Halloween, Making fools of all the 
           C      G             F5         C             G     
Are faces painted white, by midnight, We forgotten one another
        Am            G            F5                 C         G
And when The morning came, I was ashamed Only now it seems so silly, 
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           Am          G             F5                   C              G
That season Left the world and then returned And now your lit up by the City
        C            G         F5              C               G     
So, Please, remember me, Mistakenly In the window of the tallest 
        C                  G               F5                      C       
tower  call, Then pass us by, But much too high, To see the empty road at 
Happy hour
   Am         G                       F5              C        G
Leave, and resonate, Just like the gates, Around the holy kingdom
       Am                    G                    F5         
With words like 'Lost and Found' and 'Don't Look Down' And 
  C                  G
'Someone Save Temptation'
       C              G             F5              C                      
And Please, remember me As in the dream, We had as rug-burned 
C                   G              F5              C              G     
Among  the fallen trees And fast asleep Aside the lions and the ladies
         Am                  G             F5              C               
That called, you what you like, And even might, Give a gift for your 
           Am            G            F5           C       G
A fleeting chance to see, A trapeze Swing as high as any savior

       C              G      F5                    C             G     
But Please, remember me, My misery, And how it lost me all I wanted 
         C                   G               F5                   
Those dogs, that love the rain, And chasing trains
      C                          G     
The colored birds above there running 
        Am           G                  F5               
In circles round the well, And where it spells 
      C                  G         Am        
On the wall behind St. Peter's So bright with 
             G               F5               C             G            
With cinder gray, And spray paint 'Who the hell can see forever?' 
       C             G     F5               C              G     
And Please, remember me, Seldomly, In the car behind the carnival 
     C                 G                  F5                     
My hand between your  knees, You turn from me 
                C                 G     
And said 'The trapeze act was wonderful 
        Am          G                      F5               
But never meant to last', The clown that passed,  
         C               G            
Saw me just come up with anger 
         Am                  G                 F5             C       G     
When it filled, with circus dogs, The parking lot, Had an element of danger 
      C             G      F5             C            G     
So Please, remember me, Finally, And all my uphill clawing
      C           G               F5                     
My dear But if I make The pearly Gates
        C        G               Am         G                     
 Do my best to make a drawing Of God, and Lucifer
           F5             C            G            
A boy and girl An angel kissing on a sinner, 
       Am      G                F5                     C       G            
A monkey and a man A marching band All around the frightened trapeze swingers 
 C          G       F5       C      G      C
Na-na Na-na-na Na-na Na-na...

 C   G   F5  C   G   C
Am  G   F5   C   G   C     End, 

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