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Radio War Chords

Artist: Iron and Wine
Song: Radio War
Album: Our Endless Numbered Days
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning: (Capo V)
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         D              A           D            G
Did the wine make her dream Of the far distant spring 
      D           A           D           A     
Or a bed full of hens Or the ghost of a friend 
          D             A              D          G
All the while that she wept She had a gun by her bed 
        D         A          D               A
And a letter he wrote From a dry, foundered boat 
         D                A             D           G
And the train track will take All the wounded ones home 
    D         A              D          G   
And I’ll be alone Fare thee well Sara Jones 
D                   A              D    G
Now we lie on the floor While the radio war 
D                          A           D           A
Finds its way through the air Of the dead market square 
         D           A               D           G
And the beast never seen Licks it’s red talons clean 
        D        A
Sara curses the cold 
          D             A             D
"No more snow, no more snow, no more snow"