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Each Coming Night Tab

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Tweaked by Rory

Capo II

I have been trying all of the other tab versions and I think I finally have the 
fingerpicking part down. everything else sounds really wrong to me, so I think this may be it, 
at me if you think it is wrong, I will change it.

  C                                  F               G
D|-----2-------2-------2-------2---|---3-------3----0-------0--| x2
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 C                        F    G
 Will you say when I'm    gone away
 C                        F    G
 "My lover came to me     and we'd lay
 C                         F    G
 In rooms unfamiliar but   until now"
 C                 F    G
 Oh, oh, oh, oh,    until now
 C                 F    G
 Oh, oh, oh, oh,    until now

 F  F    G  G

 Will you say to them    when I'm gone
 "I loved your son for his    sturdy arms
 We both learned to cradle then    live without"
 Oh, oh, oh, oh,    live without - 2x

 Will you say when I'm     gone away
 "Your father's body was    judgement day
 We both dove and rose to the    riverside"
 Oh, oh, oh, oh,    riverside - 2x

 [more slowly]
 Will you say to me when     I'm gone
 "Your face has faded but     lingers on
 Because light strikes a deal with   each coming night"
 Oh, oh, oh, oh,     coming night - 4x
 [repeat getting faster]