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Take All Of Me Chords

In the key of "A" but simplified into "G" progression on Capo 2

Cover at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3CMk23MhGM

intro: G C G C

Verse 1: 
               G              C
You broke the night like the sun, 
And healed my heart
      C         Em7
With your great love. 
C       G                C
Any trouble I couldn't bear,
           G              C           D
You lifted me upon Your shoulders.

D              Am7
Love that's stronger,
           G      D
Love that covers sin,
      C                       D
And takes the weight of the world.
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  I love you,
                      D  D
All of my hope is in You.
        Am7             Em7
Jesus Christ, take my life,

Take all of me.

Verse 2:
             G                  C
You stand on mountain tops with me,
G           C                 Em7
With you I walk through the valleys.
C         G                C
You gave Your only Son for me,
  G           C           D
Your grace is all I rely on.

[repeat chorus]


  G         D
I love You  so,
       Em7         C
And I give up my life to say
   G        C
I need You so,
My everything.