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Everyday Chords

=         Hillsong - Everyday            =         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   
=              Tabbed By                 =         ~ Tuning: Standard ~
=                 Navi                   =         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

* Intro * 
               E   B G#m7 F#7  E   B G#m7 F#7
(Strum patern: *   * *^*  *    *   * *^*  *   )

* Verse:1 *
E         B              G#m7              F#7
  What to say Lord, it's      you who gave     me life and I
E               B          G#m7               F#7
  can't explain   just how      much you mean to me now
E                     B          G#m7                  F#7
  that You have saved   me Lord.       I give all that     I am to You,
E               B       G#m7            F#7
  that everyday   I can      be a light    that shines Your 
E     B G#m7 F#7  E   B G#m7 F#7

* Verse:2 *
E          B           G#m7              F#7
  Everyday   Lord, I'll    learn to stand   upon your Word. 
E            B       G#m7               F#7
  And I pray  that I,    that I may come   to know You more,
E                      B       G#m7            F#7
  that You would guide   me in every single step I take, that 
E          B       G#m7               F#7           B 
  everyday   I can      be Your light     unto the world
                                              ( The Chorus actually start here )
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* Chorus * (Play Twice)
 (B)            E     G#m7  F#7     (The part in ( ) is part of the Verse 2, it) 
(world)Everyday, it's You I live for.      ( flows so DON'T play it after the Bridge  )
  B             E      G#m7   F#7
       Everyday,  I'll follow after
  B             E      G#m7   F#7      B       E      G#m7   (F#7 1st time only) 
You.   Everyday, I'll walk with You my Lord

* Bridge * (x4)
F#7      B          E    G#m7
    It's You I live for everyday (x3)
 F#7      B          E    G#m7   F#7 

* Chorus * (x2)

* Outro *
F#7       (Silence further)     
     It's You I live for everyday.

~~~~~~~                                   ~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
~ Key ~                                   ~ Chords ~      ~ 0: Play clean ~
~~~~~~~                                   ~~~~~~~~~~      ~ X: Don't play ~        
x      Scratch                                            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   
:      Let ring                              -654321-    
/      Slide                             
B      Bend                            B      XX4442
br     Bend and release                E      022100
h      Hammer                          F#7    XX4320
p      Pick                            G#m7   XX1102 
pl_s   Pleck scratch                           
[_]    Palm mute                                 
...    Let ring
*      Strum down
^      Strum up
()     Tips & Hints

This is one of there favourites so look out for "God is Great" and my all time favourite 
"My Best Friend" that really Rocks! If Your wondering if this is correct? Well, I may be 
a little of with the strum in the intro but for everything else I'm 101% posetively sure
it's right. If you ask the Hillsong band, they'll tell the same. Hope you enjoy it, it's 
fast and hip. May God bless you Everyday! 

E-mail me at navibound@hotmail.com