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Boys Of Summer (acoustic) Tab

"The Boys of Summer"
Don Henley and Mike Campbell, 1984
Don Henley
Building the Perfect Beast
Geffen 24026-2

Tabbed by Michael in S.A.

Try this to play it solo acoustic.
It alludes to the keyboard sections to give a bit of a fuller sound.

Let the bass notes ring throughout.  
I suggest strumming in a down, up, down, down pattern 
(tho' not so rigidly as my meager tab implies.)

On the G, you may substitute [for the B] or add the root G shown in brackets below.  
To me, the chorus has more power playing the full G chord after playing G/B in the verses.  

As far as I know there is no official acoustic version,
I just made this stuff up to sing to the ladies.

Anyway, the verses go like this:

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/henley_don/boys_of_summer_acoustic_tab.html ]
 G/B (four times)  C (four times)    D (four times)    C (four times)

The choruses are just strumming the regular chords

GDDC9 2x

I play it according to the following outline:
Full verse intro
Verse One
Chorus One
Full verse break
Verse Two
Chorus Two
     [Skip the lead]
Full verse break
Verse Three
Choruses Three and Four
and then i do this little outro reminiscent of the real one:

 {3 or 7 times}         (slowin' down -- )