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She Fell Into My Arms Chords

Artist: Ed Harcourt
Song Title: She fell into my arms
Tabbed my: Tom McKibbin (mysticalninja67@hotmail.com

Intro - C  Am  G  F


       C                       Am
Well I burnt all my travellers cheques
         G             F    
Just to show you my respect
        C                   Am
then i hung myself out ot dry
         G                           F
and you looked at me and asked me why ...etc.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/harcourt_ed/she_fell_into_my_arms_crd.html ]
          C         F7 
And if you, need to kiss me
                C                F7
then you'll most, definitely miss me
             (back to verse chords)
when i'm gone


D   C   C    B  Bb    D  C   A      G    C
god you make me sing, funny things 'bout you

D   C   C  B  Bb    D  C   A    C    C
you infect my mind all the time you do

Thats It

Any Queries, e-mail me at the adress above.
Tom McKibbin
(this is best played on a piano, obviously)