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Camp Fire Girl 62 Chords

This is first song from 2002's album "Gusto". It's a great pop-punk song, and
also very easy to play. These are the chords, check it out and get banging.

(acoustic intro)
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G                                                C
She's got the healing powers of medicinal marijuana
G                                                            C
And she feeds herself the same ole crap she feeds to her iguana
C                C
And she won't go to the bar
C                   C
God forbid that she drives a car
D                      D                D
And of course she will protest the war

(and even though she's an idiot)

I get excited when I see her
You better pass me the saltpeter
       C      B        A
Like a sailor on shore leave
Like a recent parolee
I want to date her but first bathe her
She always eating echinacea
       C        B      A
On her feet are birkenstocks
I guess my head is filled with rocks

With this you can play the whole song. It is very simple, fun to play and also rocks. Have Fun!