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Rain Bass Tab

Bass Tab

Artist: Guano Apes
Song: Rain
Album: Proud like a god
Tabbed by: Robert van der Poel

Well, here is the tab for Rain. I don't think it's extactly right, but this is the way I play it when I play the song with my band and it works so I don't think it's that bad. I play this song on a 5 string bass, but you can play this song also on a 4 string bass if you tune down your E ans A, but leave your D and G as it is. You can also figure out another solution. If you have  any comments or suggestions, you can e-mail me at


G [[----------------------9h10p9h10p9------10h11p10h12p10-]]
D [[------------------------------------------------------]]
A [[------------------------------------------------------]]
E [[-5---9---5-9-10-9/------------------------------------]]
B [[-------------------5------------------0-5-------------]]


G [[-------------]]
D [[-------------]]
A [[-------------]]
E [[-5-7-9-------]]
B [[-------9-7-5-]]
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G [[---------------]]
D [[---------------]]
A [[---------------]]
E [[-5-7-9---------]]
B [[-------9-7-5-3-]]

G [[---------]]
D [[---------]]
A [[---------]]
E [[---------]]
B [[-9-7-5-3-]]


G [[-------------------------------------------------------------------}}
D [[-15-16-15-16-15-16-15-16-15-16-15-16-16-17-17-18-18-19-19-18-18-17-}}
A [[-------------------------------------------------------------------}}
E [[-------------------------------------------------------------------}}
B [[-------------------------------------------------------------------}}



Intro/Verse: 10 times
Chorus:       1 time
Intro/Verse:  5 times
Chorus:       1 time
Solo:         2 times
Chorus:       1 time

The / slide. 
h is hammer-on. 
p is pull-off.

Ok, that's the song. You should play the song to the cd so you can get the timing right. I hope you enjoy yourself.