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See A Better Day Chords

                  Graham Coxon - See A Better Day

guitar chords tabbed by : Brimmer

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Chords :

Am - x02210
Am7 - x02010
Am7/G - 3x2010
Fmaj7 - x33210
Em - 022000
E7 - 020100
D7 - xx0212


Am          Am7/G           Fmaj7
baby, baby, babe what can I do
   Em      E7        D7
im so in love with you
   Am            Am7/G              Fmaj7
i know you wont believe me but its true
   Em     E7        D7(2nd Am)
im so in love with you x 2


 Am               Am7/G               Fmaj7
just the way the sunlight hits your eyes
  E       E7    D7
makes me feel alive
    Am         Am7/G           Fmaj7
my body and my soul have ben revived
   Em      E7      D7(2nd Am)
i feel like i can fly x 2
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Am             Am7/G             Fmaj7
i can feel you breath from miles away
    Em       E7           D7
it helps me see a better day
     Am               Am7/G        Fmaj7
your voice inside is telling me to stay
     Em     E7           D7(Am second)
im falling deeper every day x 2

Am                Am7/G             Fmaj7
something in your smile had made me see
   Em      E7     D7
a place I long to be
   Am            Am7/G          Fmaj7
i look at you and I cant quite believe
     Em        E7      D7(Am second)
that you could be with me x 2

Chorus x 1

Am7-hammer on G string for Am (througout middle 8 every 4 beats)
gotta call you on the phone

cause' i aint feelin' right
i cant stand to be alone
on these dark dark nights
and you're the only girl

who can chase my blue's away
with your miricle smile
                        E       Am
and the things that ya say...  yeah.