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Dont Let Your Man Know Tab


bass plays an E for a bit, then guitar with an E on fret 7 of A string (fuck terminology).

Verse Riff

E                 C#
Getting Paranoid, heart beats fast.

C                     B
start to sweat when i see you walk past.

if you like you can put on a trill on the B using your pinky, so's its like this...

or something. you need me to tell you how you want it.

anyway, etc

end of verse, hold the B for a bit, with


over the top.  then...


E                    C       B            A B D A
Can I see you in the bedroom Tonight?

E                    C     B              A B D A
Can i see you on the beach Tonight
[ Tab from: ]
G                                          E
Don't let your man know, don't let you man know.

X 2, with


on the end.  then back to verse, then a chorus, then the solo...


Solo is over verse riff.
                                              [second time round]
E         C#     C             B              B [with run down]
-------------------------------------------   --------------10b12-----|
---------------------------8-8-7-7---------   -------10b--------------|
----------5------------7-7---------8-8----- X --9b--------------------|
-9-6-9-6----6------5-5-----------------9-9- 2 ------------------------|
--------------6--(5)-----------------------   ------------------------|
-------------------------------------------   ------------------------|

as before, except for the line:

G                                         E
Don't let you man know don't let your man know

now has off-beat power chords punched over the top.  these are G over the Gs, and B over 
Es.  you get me?  listen and see.

End on an E.