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Fuck Authority Chords

(GG Allin)

C                     F
 Don't ever trust authority
C                         G
 Pigs, parents and our society
      C                                   F
 You got to play by your own, own set of rules
           C                           G             F   C
 Fuck the law, fuck the law, fuck the law, burn the fuse

Mr. Pig Man, you are nothing
Nothing, sealed behind your badge
Always snorting out lies and deceits
Pawned away, pawned away to your boring society
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 Fuck authority, fuck authority
 Kill the president and seniority
 Fuck authority, fuck authority
 Lets murder a society

Little pig man behind judge's robe
I can't wait to see you die
You piece, you piece of puppet property shit
You're nothing but a lie so full of shit

If you live nothing, you are nothing
Dissolved by the stagnating masses
I say its time to say fuck the law
Kill, kill, kill, kill their motherfucking asses

Fuck authority, fuck authority
Kill the president and seniority
Fuck authority, fuck authority
Lets murder a society

'Cause when I fall
Because when I fall, I fall hard
Going down with everything
Going down with everything that I am

Tabbed by: ARIK
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