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GG Allin - Automatic

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Chords Used
D# x688xx
E  x799xx
A  577xxx
B  799xxx
F# x9.11.11xx
C# 9.11.11xxx
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A              B         D#-E  D#-E
Everything you do is the same, SAME, SAME!
A        B                D#-E  D#-E
Over and over it's like a game, GAME, GAME!
A                 B     D#-E    D#-E 
Think you're Miss High Society, WOWEE!
A               B                  D#-E  D#-E
Fuckin' all the rockstars that you meet, FUCK ME!

F#                    C#               B
It makes no sense the things you do or say girl 
F#                    C#               B
Cause everything you say comes back to me 
F#                 C#       B
Don't go play with me emotionally
F#                 C#           B
Or I will make you bleed internally 

(Same as verse 1)
Think you are mister know it all, KNOW ALL!
Standards high but you value small, SMALL, SMALL
Class-A assholes telling you what to do, WHAT TO DO!
If you're from Boston you gotto be cool, FUCK YOU

Rest is the Same

Break is just the chords A-B-E