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Morning Sky Chords

		Morning Sky
 G		  C	     G
 You and I were lovers long ago,
  	   C	           G		Am	  D
 We had a good thing going on and never doubt it.
   G		     C		 G
 Lately I've seen trouble moving in
             C		     G	
 I know that I will soon be gone
      C		     G	          Am      D
 And you don't even want to talk about it.
 Em   Eb9	      C
 Oh, and it makes me stop and wonder why.
   Em		    Eb9			C
 People give their hearts away and then they say goodbye.
  	      G		       C
 If there's something on your mind
	     G		          C	
 You better say it while there's time.
	     G		   D		    G	 		  
 Cause I'm leaving when I see that morning sky.
Oh, how did we ever come to this,
There's nothing for me in your kisses anymore.
Late night in the kitchen I pretend that I still care
And you just sit there staring at the door.

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