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From uunet!!agate!sennet Fri Aug 21 10:33:28 PDT 1992
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From: (Sennet Williams)
Subject: Leader of the Band SIMP
Date: 19 Aug 1992 09:45:10 GMT
Organization: U.C. Berkeley Open Computing Facility
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Distribution: world
Keywords: SIMP, Fogelberg, Cat Stevens

This song was recently posted, but it was in a format not easy for me to
play.  If the previous post worked for you, you should stop reading this
post now.  

Basically, I wanted to be able to play this song without memorizing it, 
and my ear is real bad, and my girlfriend wants it and is just starting
to play, so it had to be real easy.  Chords are printed with every line,
 You can skip the chords in ( ), and I moved the chords to where they
 sound right, not where the music says.  (this is SIMP format)
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.        Leader of the Band - Dan Fogelberg
.          Intro: G7 C Am Em D G (C/G) G (C/G) G (C/G) G
G        (C/G)    G              Bm              C  
An only child alone and wild, a cabinet maker's son 
Am                        Em                    Am                 C    D
His hands were meant for different work and his heart was known to none. 
G           (C/G)     G                Bm       C
He left his home and went his lone and solitary way
.      Am            Em     Am    D7            G   (C/G) G (C/G) G (C/G) G
And he gave to me a gift I know I never can repay
G      (C/G)   G         Bm             C  
A quiet man of music, denied a simpler fate
Am                  Em                Am              C    D
He tried to be a soldier once but his music wouldn't wait
G      (C/G)    G                          Bm               C  
He earned his love through discipline, a thund'ring velvet hand
.    Am              Em                      Am      D7      G  
His gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand
 .    C                  Bm                  C                 G
 .    The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old
 .            Am                    Em                 Am            F    D
 .    But his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul
 .    C                  Bm                  C                 G
 .    My life has been a poor attempt    to  imitate   the    man
 .      Am              Em           Am       C        G   
 .  I'm just a living  legacy to the lea--der of-- the band
  .(C/G)  G  (C/G)  G  (C/G)  G
   G           (C/G)        G                 Bm             C  
   My brothers' lives were different for they heard another call
   Am              Em        Am          C    D
   One went to Chicago, the other to St. Paul
   G          (C/G)  G          Bm             C  
   And I'm in Colorado when I'm not in some hotel
   Am              Em               Am       D7      G   (C/G) G 
   Living out this life I chose and come to know so well
   .        G7 C Am Em D7   G (C/G) G (C/G) G (C/G) G
   (no lyrics) 
   G          (C/G)     G              Bm             C  
   I thank you for the music and your stories of the road
   Am                    Em             Am             C    D
   I thank you for the freedom when it came my time to go
   G          (C/G)     G                Bm                 C  
   I thank you for the kindness and the times when you got tough
   Am               Em               Am       D7      G  
   And papa I don't think I said "I love you" near enough.
   (Chorus followed by ending: )
   .               Am              Em           Am     C  D       G  
   .             I am the living  legacy to the leader of    the band
   .                            (C/G)  G  (C/G)  G  (C/G)  G  G7 C Am Em D7 G
   Chord chart:
   Am      - 0 2 2 1 0           Bm      - 2 4 4 3 -           
   C       - 3 2 0 1 0           C/G     3 3 2 0 1 0           
   D       x x 0 2 3 2           D7      x x 0 2 1 2           
   Em      0 2 2 0 0 0           F       1 3 3 2 1 1           
   G       3 2 0 0 0 3           G7      3 2 0 0 0 1           
   originally posted by Chris Butler  SIMPed by Sennet                               
    What do you think of this format?  If you like it, then SIMP
    (Stupidity Induced Music Page) format is for you.  I SIMPed this song
    because I want to play the song without spending a lot of time
    practicing/memorizing it, my ear is not good, and I wanted it in a form
    where I could play it correctly the even if I had not practiced it for
       I'm trying to get several hundred rock songs in this format.  If you
       are interested in cooperating, please Email me.  I currently have
       20 or 30 songs in the SIMP format, which I have found easier to
       play than any other format I have seen.
       SIMP format briefly:
       A: Chords printed with every line 
       B: It should be easily printable on 1 (sometimes 2) pages.
       C: Chord chart included.
       D: If some of the chord changes aren't really apparent, put them
          in ( ) so that some players can skip them
       E: You should be able to play it really easily
Does this sound like something you are interested in?  If so, please
E-mail me.  If you're interested in bilaterally exchanging songs in SIMP,
I'll send you a list of what I have so far.

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