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Goin On Chords

			     GOIN ON - The Flaming Lips
Tabbed by: Stefan

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

The Chords are where they are supposed to be.  The A,A D,D thing at the end of the line 
right into the D on the next line.

Intro : D


    D          A              Bm       C
we hold our breath 'till the morning comes and

     Bm       A             G----> A,A D,D
the last the sun shines through
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/flaming_lips/goin_on_crd.html ]
          D         A           Bm     C
but the night's so hard and it seems impossible

     Bm        A      E(7)
but what else can we do?

 Bm    A
goin' on

 Bm    A
goin' on


D       A      Bm      C
listen,   you hear it

 Bm     C        D-----> A,A D,D
we're getting near it

D      A              Bm   C
 it's gone and i can feel it

          Bm            C     E(7)
'cause i know you are going away

*everything else follows the same pattern, except on the very last "Goin' on" after the 

 Bm    E
goin' on