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Never Enough Tab

	                  Dream Theater - Never Enough

Tabbed by: Nick Whittenburg
Email: nwhittenburg@hotmail.com
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This is off of DT's new album "Octavarium." I don't have the right to critique anything
Dream Theater makes, because I can only dream of being a fraction of what they've become
musically. I will say that if you hold it to the expectations of Images & Words, Scenes
from a Memory, or Six Degrees (Their three best albums, in my opinion), It's a bit of a
let down. But if you take it for what it is by itself and really try to grasp the
concepts presented, you'll realize that it's still definately Dream Theater, just at a
different point in their career. Anyway, here's the opening riff to "Never Enough,"
which is actually quite a morbid and monotonous song. But the opening riff here is very
powerful and easy to play.

Tuning: Dropped D

straight sixteenth notes all the way through, tempo 140ish
heavy distortion


repeat as necessary. I'm playing around with other stuff from this album, so there's
probably more to come. Enjoy.