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Another Day Chords

ANOTHER DAY                                                     Tuning half step down
Dream Theater

Intro : Am Em F G                     4x( 2 Piano,2 with guitar)

Am          F/A   Am            G7sus4  G  
Live another day Climb a little higher
F              C         Bb    G
Find another reason to stay
Am            F/A    Am            G7sus4  G
Ashes in your hands Mercy in your eyes
F           C              Bb      Am
If you're searching for a silent sky...
   Dm7             C/E  F           C
You won't find it here Look another way
   Dm7             C/E     F           G
You won't find it here So die another day

INTRO SAX Chord=Intro
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     Am              F/A      Am             G7sus4  G
The coldness of his words The message in his silence,
F           C            Bb      G
'Face the candle to the wind...'
     Am              F/A
This distance in my voice
       Am            G7sus4   G
Isn't leaving you a choice
So if you're looking for
  C            Bb   Am
a time to run away...

C     Bb   Am   G7sus4 G F

  C                         Bb
They took pictures of our dreams
Ran to hide behind the stairs
                         G7sus4      G            F      
And said maybe when it's right for you, they'll fall
Ab                      C#/Ab                           Eb
But if they don't come down Resist the need to pull them in
                Fm    Eb        C#
And throw them away Better to save the mystery
C7/4    C7              Fm       G
Than surrender to the secret
SOLO : Am  F/A  Am  G7sus4 G

       F  C Bb G

       Am  F/A  Am  G7sus4 G

       F  C Bb Am
Outro Chord=Intro 2x