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Ashtray Ballpoint Tab

Band: Discordance Axis
Song: Ashtray Ballpoint
Album: Jouhou
Tabbed by Aeon Phoenix
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/discordance_axis/ashtray_ballpoint_tab.html ]
   Riff A.                 Riff B.
E  :----------------------|-----------------|
B  :----------------------|-----------------|
G  :6-------8---11\6------|-----------------|
D  :6-0-0-0-8---11\6------|---------10------|
A  :5-0-0-0-7---10\5------|0--1-3-1-10------|
D  :4-0-0-0-6----9\4------|0--1-3-1-10------|
Mute the open notes in riff a heavily and pick quickly.