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desree - kissing you (romeo and juliet)

capo 5th
drop D tunning

Hey guys, this is just the intro at the moment. Working on the rest of the song, jsut 
some feedback on what I've done. Kinda doing it my own way, so hope you like it


finger pick whole song (so far)
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e||-----------------------|        |-3-2------||
B||---0-1-3-0-------------|        |-----3----||
G||-2---0---0-2-2h4-2-0---|        |-2-2-2----||
D||---------0-0-0---0-0---|x2 then  |-0-0-0---||
A||-----0-----------------|        |----------||
E||---------2-4-4---4-2-0-|        |----------||