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Afraid Chords

			     AFRAID - David Bowie
                                 Heathen, 2002
Tabbed by: Alex Hovanes
Email: Cptpunch@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard

INTRO: Cm  Bb  F

Gm   F             C  Cm7  
I       wish I was smarter
Gm   F                   C  Cm7
I       got so lost on the shore
Gm   F             C     Cm7
I       wish I was   taller 
Gm            F        C   Cm7
Things really matter to   me

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/david_bowie/afraid_crd.html ]
    Eb                 D7
But I put my face in tomorrow
F                    F7
I believe we're not alone 
Eb           D7
I believe in Beatles
F                            C
I believe my little soul has grown 
        Eb        C7
And I'm still so afraid
         Eb        C7
Yes, I'm still so afraid
         Eb        F
Yea, I'm still so afraid 
      Gm   F   C   Cm7
On my own
      Gm   F   C   Cm7
On my own 

Verse 2
What made my life so wonderful?
What made me feel so bad?
I used to wake up the ocean
I used to walk on clouds 

If I put faith in medication
If I can smile a crooked smile 
If I can talk on television 
If I can walk an empty mile
Then I won't feel afraid
No, I won't feel afraid
I won't be, be afraid