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     G  Cadd9 

The Chords in this song are G, and Cadd9. You want to play a G with the little 
finger on the High E, for those to chords, but only in the verse and the chorus. 
In the bridge you still play those same chords except for the Cadd9. You can just 
take your little finger off the high E for That in the bridge.

(Verse 1)
How many times have you said
If I just had one more
G      D     Cadd9
Dollar in my pocket
           G            Cadd9
Know that I've felt the same
How many times have you dreamed
That you could pack up and leave
G    D             Cadd9
Run away from your troubles 
     G        Cadd9
Baby I Can't Complain

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         G           D        Cadd9   D
Cause I dont always get everything I want it
G        D                Cadd9    D        G        Cadd9
Doesn't turn out just the way I thought it all should be
G            Cadd9
Baby I cant complain
         G         D           Cadd9   D
No more wasting my time lookin in the mirror
G          D          Cadd9       D
Wishin my life was a little bit clearer 
G        Cadd9     G  D      Cadd9
Nooooooo way, Baby I cant complain

         G  Cadd9  G     Cadd9
Noooooo Wayyyyy, Noooooo Wayyyyy 
         G  Cadd9     G  D    Cadd9
Noooooo Wayyyyy, Baby I cant complain

(Verse 2)

Have you ever believed, that its just not your day
Like the worlds is against you
Know we've all felt that way
So far away from home, and everything that I love,
But as long as I'm breathing 
Baby I cant Complain

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus  END

Note: There is a second bridge in the song but it is sort of complicated, so I 
will get it up as soon as possible.