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Angels In The Alleyway Chords

umm.. i'm not really sure about this.. so, don't go badmouthing me if this is wrong.. 
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intro.. Dm Am F C
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/d/david_archuleta/angels_in_the_alleyway_crd.html ]
Dancin in the alleyway
Bb                   F
Waitin for someone to say,
"Come and dance with me."
Rains a little everyday
Bb                   F
Keeps a smile on my face
But I hurt inside.
Dm                 Bb
I've gone crazy, please forgive me
F                        C
I've gone crazy, I'm so sorry (repeat intro)
Dm                 Bb
Angels in the alley way
F               C
Lift me up and say,
 Dm          Bb              F        C
"Follow me, my son, I'll show you the way."

(use the same chords and chord pattern for the next verse)

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