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Silly Love Chords

Tabbed from Live at SXSW album
totally awsome song, one of the saddest in rock history:
Tune down 1/2 a step
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G                               Em
I've come this far i know i can make it
G                               Em
got a broken heart and you can't break a broken heart
C                        D    C                   D   
I come knocking at your door, you don't love me anymore
C                                                   D...                    
but i just can't give up, cause i don't know what to do about it
G                              Em
You don't love me you must be wrong
G                                Em
You can smile now and put a happy ending to my song
C                       D   C                      D  
I come knocking on you door you don't live there anymore
C                                     D
Is it just a memory or am i a little, crazy for you
G                                Em
If there's no love i just can't believe it
G                              Em         
got a troubled mind that only you can relieve
C                      D      C                     D
I don't remember who you are, are you someone that i saw
C                D      C                 D...
And i really am confused but i think that I

Still love you