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Under Your Spell Chords

ďUnder Your SpellĒ from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More, With Feeling!

Standard Tuning
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Intro: D   C   Am  F
D	          C
I lived my life in shadow
Am			                     F
Never the sun on my face
D	         C
It didnít seem so sad, though
Am			                     F
I figured that was my place
    C		             Am
Now Iím bathed in light
C			                  F
Something just isnít right
G	      D	        C
Iím under your spell 
How else could it be
Anyone would notice me
     G     D     C
Itís magic I can tell
How you set me free	
Brought me out so easily

I saw a world enchanted, spirits and charms in the air
I always took for granted, I was the only one there
But your power shone brighter than any Iíve known

Iím under your spell 
Nothing I can do
You just took my soul with you
You worked your charm so well
Finally I knew everything I dreamed was true
	     G	         D
You make me believe

F  C   Am
D  F  C  Am

The moon to the tide, I can feel you inside
Iím under your spell 
Surging like the sea, pulled to you so helplessly
I break with every swell, lost in ecstasy
Spread beneath my willow tree
You make me complete
D F  C  Am 
D		            F
You make me complete
C		            Am
You make me complete