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i just cleaned up a bit of someone chords that i saw in the internet
Source: Jeff Burke the Bassoon Player (jeffbsn-nospam@bdkw.yi.org)
but the solos i didnt change cuz i dindt quite get it right yet
so i left it alone ;p
that's it, hopefully you'll like it to

I'll Never Tell
Joss Whedon

Tempo : 135 bpm
Key : G

ANYA:This is the man that I plan to entangle.

|F    |G   G
Isn't he fine?

 My claim to fame was to maim and to mangle.

|G6          G   |G
 Vengeance was mine.

|Am/G               |C7
 But I'm out of the biz.

   |F                |G
The name I made I'll trade for his.

   |Am           |C
The only trouble is...

|G             |G
 I'll never tell.

XANDER:She is the one,

She's such wonderful fun,

|F      |G          G        
Such passion and grace.

 Warm in the night

 When I'm right in her tight embrace!

|G6        G     |G
 Tight embrace!

    |Am/G              |C7
I'll never let her go.

   |F                   |G
The love we've known can only grow.

       |Am                |C
There's just one thing that  -  no.

|G           |G
I'll never tell.

                          | F         |Am
XANDER&ANYA:'Cause there's  nothing to tell.

|G  |G   |G
A:     He snores.
X:               She wheezes.

A:Say "housework" and he freezes.

     |G6                              |(Am)    D
X:She eats these skeezy cheeses that I can't describe.

A:I talk, he breezes.

X:She doesn't know what pleases.

     |D                        |Am     D
A:His penis got diseases from a Chumash tribe.

       |G |D                |Em   |G/D
X&A:The vibe     gets kind of scary.

X:Like she thinks I'm ordinary.

A:Like it's all just temporary.

X:Like her toes are kind of hairy.

            |Am      D7
X&A:But it's all very well.

      |C         Em       G
'Cause god knows I'll never tell.

|G   |G       |G
 A:       When things get rough he

A:Just hides behind his Buffy

A:Now look he's gettin' huffy

           (Am)         D
A:'Cause he knows that I know.

X:She clings, she's needy,

X:She's also really greedy

X:She nev-er ...            - This is
A:        His eyes are beady!

  |Am7          D
X: my verse! Hello?    She-

|G7(b9)     C7     |G7(b9)     C7
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/b/buffy_the_musical/ill_never_tell_crd.html ]
|G7(b9)    C7  |Bb  A Bb A    |
|G7(b9)    C7  |G7(b9)    C7  |G7(b9)    C7
|Bb  A Bb A   ||Bb  A Bb A
|G    |G+    |G6    |D
|Am   |F/A  Am6  |Am7 Am7(b5) Am7

       |G     |D
X&A:You know...
                  |Em               |G/D
X:You're quite the charmer.
A:                       My knight in armor.
X:You're the cutest of the Scoobies
X:With your lips as red as rubies.
X:And your firm yet supple-

          |G    C7  |A   Dsus2  G
X;Tight em-brace!

|G   |D/F#   |Em7  |Csus2/D

|G    |G     |G
A:      He's swell.
X:                 She's sweller.
A:He'll always be my feller.

        |G6                             |Am   D
X:That's why I'll never tell her that I'm  petrified.

A:I've read this tale.

A:There's wedding then betrayal.

A:I know there'll come the day

              |Am     D
A:I'll want to run and hide.

     |G      |D             |Em
X&A:I   lied,    I said it's easy.

    |G         |C          |D
X&A:      I've   tried      but there's

         |G6             |G
X&A:these fears I can't quell.

    |D                     |F
X:Is she looking for a pot of gold?

        |Em                 |Em
A:Will I look good when I've gotten old?

X:Will our lives become too stressful

X:If I'm never that successful?

A:When I get so worn and wrinkly

A:That I look like David Brinkley?

      |Am       D
X:Am I crazy?
A:            Am I dreamin'?

      |A           D7
X:Am I marrying a  demon?

    D                         |D7
X&A:We could really raise the beam

X&A:In making marriage a hell!

    D  |Am        Em         G     |G
X&A:So  thank god I'll never tell.

    Em            Em         G   |G
X&A:I    swear that I'll never tell.

  |G     Em          G      |G
X:       My lips are sealed.

  |G     Em          G      |G
A:       I take the fifth.

    |Em         G    Em        G
X:   Nothin' to see. Move it along.

      |C          Em   |G     
X&A:  I'll never...    tell!

i just cleaned up a bit of someone chords that i saw in the internet
Source: Jeff Burke the Bassoon Player (jeffbsn-nospam@bdkw.yi.org)
that's it, hopefully you'll like it to