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"Heaven" by Brett Dennen

    F               A#              Dm

|--(1)--|       |-------|       |-------|
|---1---|       |---3---|       |---6---|
|---2---|       |---3---|       |---7---|
|---3---|       |---3---|       |---7---|
|---X---|       |---1---|       |---5---|
|---1---|       |-------|       |-------|

    Am              Gm              C

|--(5)--|       |--(3)--|       |-------|
|---5---|       |---3---|       |---5---|
|---5---|       |---3---|       |---5---|
|---7---|       |---5---|       |---5---|
|--(7)--|       |--(5)--|       |---3---|
|---5---|       |---3---|       |-------|

Notes: Strumming is just a solid downstroke pattern. Notes in parentheses may be played 
For the most part, though, Brett leaves them out
(as I do in the video).
With Am, half the time Brett plays it as a standard barre chord and the other half he 
it as I do.
I prefer using the thumb for the bass notes (reminiscent of John Mayer's style). During 
F chord in the chorus Brett adds a little hammer-on with the pinky on the 4th string, 

This transcription was taken from numerous videos, most specifically this one:

"Heaven" by Brett Dennen

Verse 1

F                      A#
Beyond the rules of religion
Dm               Am
the cloth of conviction
A#                 F  Dm
above all the competition
Gm                     C
where fact and fiction meet
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           F                     A#
There's no color lines, casts or classes
Dm                     Am
there's no fooling the masses
A#                 F    Dm
whatever faith you practice
Gm           C
whatever you believe


    Dm         A#  C  Dm
Oh, Heaven, Heaven
Dm               A#  C  Dm
What the hell is heaven?
A#         C            F
Is there a home for the homeless
A#       C            F
Is there hope for the hopeless

Verse 2

F                     A#
Throw away your misconceptions
Dm                      Am
there's no walls around heaven
A#                         F       Dm
there's no codes you gotta know to get in
   Gm                  C
no minutemen or border patrol

F                              A#
You must lose your earthly possessions
Dm                Am
leave behind your weapons
A#                   F  Dm
you can't buy your salvation
          Gm           C
and there is no pot of gold



Am                  Dm
Heaven ain't got no prisons
Gm                Dm
no government, no business
Am              Dm
no banks or politicians
A#                 Am Gm
no armies and no police

Verse 3

F                       A#
Castles and cathedrals crumble
Dm                       Am
pyramids and pipelines tumble
    A#                F   Dm
the failure keeps you humble
    Gm                 C
and leads us closer to peace