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Desert Sunrise Chords

Desert Sunrise Tab by Brett Dennen, www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Brett Dennen - Desert Sunrise
Original tab by Eric Frenkil 
Additions/changes made by Justin 

INTRO - Play chords twice: 
   C      Bm     Em7    D
VERSE I - Continue Chords from intro
         C                    Bm
A desert sunrise, you warm my soul
           Em7                   D
  painting me in shades of clay, covering me whole.
          C                   Bm         
And I'm a lizard, sun bathing in
           Em7         D
  your radiance.  Oh I call you out of hiding.
   C                   Bm
So sweet, so sweet you are.
             Em7                        D
  If I could only have a taste, wrap my lips around your flavor.
     C                                     Bm
Just because you are you, just because you are,
           Em7             D
  So beautiful...

   C/G	 B/G   Am7   B/G

              C/G              B/G          Am7        B/G
And I've been waiting all this life, in the company of one,
                C/G               B/G         Am7      B/G
and I know I am young but I don't want to be alone.
             C/G  B/G      Am7              B/G
If you could only just, consider the two of us,
           C/G             B/G           Am7           B/G
and I know darling I could be so good to you.
           C/G             B/G           Am7 > > > >
[ Tab from: ]
   B/G         Em9(no 5)   Cmaj7       Am7  ~hold

B/G                Em9(no 5)
I see you risin', upon the horizon,
           Cmaj7                       Am7
  bringin' light into the day and I am, coastin' on your rays.
B/G                                Em9(no 5) 
When I awoke you spoke through the mist of a misty bliss,
          Cmaj7       Am7
  casting shadows, on all my dismal yesterdays.
B/G                              Em9(no 5)
Do you remember that you told me darlin',
             Cmaj7                Am7
  that I was so real?  I tell you all my tears for you are real.
B/G                                   Em9(no 5)
And we'll cross that bridge again someday.
            Cmaj7           Am7 > > 
  I know we will, I hope we will.

VERSE 2 - Use chords from intro
         C              Bm
A Desert sunset, a lullaby.
             Em7                          D
  If I could give it all to you, if you'd only let me try.
            C                    Bm
You sing so sweetly, its my only wish.
        Em7                             D
  Music drips from your lips like sweet sips of a summer's kiss (summer raindrops) 
   C                  Bm    
so precious, Tongues twist.
Em7.....  D.....

CHORUS (Repeat From Above)

REFRAIN (Repeat From Above)

VERSE 3 - Use chords from intro
       C                  Bm
Desert moonrise, into the night.
            Em7                                     D
  Before we lay our heads to rest, I wish to walk under the splendorous starlight.
        C                          Bm
Sing so sweetly, itís the sweetest sound,
           Em7                                  D
  and Iíve become weak in the knees, and I drop down and kiss the ground.
           C              Bm
And all my cares, lie far below.
          Em7                          D
  In this earth I wish to die, in this hearth my fire grows.

OUTRO - Repeat intro chords twice.