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Come A Little Closer Chords

Tabbed by: Euville Coquia

Watch it in YouTube...  The chords are pretty much perfect, i guess...

G                 A
I know that it's late
             C              G    Am
And maybe I shouldn't be so into you
G                 A
It's just that tonight
         C          G         Am
I am so taken, I've fallen for you
        G                      A
When I look in your eyes I can see
    C                Am
A million possibilities
        G                       Am
And I know you'll be leaving me soon
But tonight
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G                    A
Come a little bit closer
Let me hold you baby
   G        Am
I will be good to you
And we can try
To forget tomorrow
                   C  G      Am
And make it last forever tonight

G              A
So if you must go
                   C (1 down strum)  G (1 down strum)    Am
Know that I'll be missing you,        wishing you,        closer
G                  A
So let's make the most of these
            C            G      Am
Moments together, we'll never forget
            G                        A
And it's breaking my heart 'cause I know
        C               G      Am
That tomorrow you'll be miles away
           G                        A
And I catch myself wanting so much more


So if you're leaving me now
Baby I don't know how
C                     A
I will ever get over you
Because you opened my eyes
To this love that's inside
C                    A
Oh baby,baby, don't ever leave me

[CHORUS out]

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