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artist: Bamboo
album: Light Peace Love
song: F.U.
transcribed by: Patrick Henry A. De Guzman
*drop D nyo na lang tpus power chords... mas madali para sa intro..

intro: Em-B-F(strumming) Em-F#-G-D(eto ung violin part)2x 

verse 1: Em-B-F-Em 
 why do you hate him
 why did you make him leave
 there's nothing wrong with him
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verse 2: Em-B-F-Em
 why do you hate him
 you want him crucified
 is it the way he looks
 or the way he speaks his mind

refrain: hehe di ko alam!! sorry, labo kasi di ko madinig mshado ung guitar..
Chorus: hehe di ko dehn alam!! sorry uleht, un nga.. labo kaseh...

ok na cguro ung verse chords... astig naman kahit alang ref at chorus...
uy bili kau bago album ni Bamboo, Light Peace Love... astig 300 php lang..