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Sweet Kara Chords

Sweet Kara

Drop E string down two tones to D

Verses: Bm    Am

Chorus: Am    Open strum

1st Verse:    Bm         Am (4x)

    Blue Eyes, like an open sky,
    clouds shimmering in the glint of their light,
    A sweet smile just like her childs',
    A sexual walk that made me wanna cry

Chorus One:  Am     Open Strum (4x)

    Sweet Kara, you were the one,
      left me with the setting sun
    Sweet Kara, don't feel surprised,
      I'm gonna love you till the end of time

Instrumental/fingerpicking of Verses

2nd Verse:    Bm     Am  (4x)
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    Blue eyes like the open skies,
    we would speak at the same time,
    trading songs before saying goodbyes,
    her look in my eyes left me hypnotized,

Chorus Two:   Am     Open strum  (till fade out)

    Lo ho Now I walk alone...
    she's left me on to roam...
    Sweet Kara, you were the one,
      left me with the setting sun,
    Sweet Kara, I walk the line,
      I still see you when I close my eyes...

Spoken: Eyes like water, shining in the sunshine
        her voice was like an angel, something one is lucky to hear,
        radiating the love she knows, lavender scented hair,
        a butterfly pushes her on her way as she goes...