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Song For Darlin Chords

1st Verse: D    G    A    G (3x)

        When you're 3,000 miles from the place you call home,
        Don't let anyone tell you that you're all alone,
        Hold your head high and know I'll be there,

Chorus: A/D   A (4x)

        Somewhere on this earth I'll be thinking of you
          as your head lays down to dream...
        Something on this earth will make me get through
          as the moonlight begins to beam...

Instrumental Verse and solo

Final Verse:
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         As I'm strumming my strings under the stars, by a fire,
         Moon up above, singing a song, something you inspired,
         It's times like this I wish I wasn't on my own,
         But that's my story when you're miles from home....

Instrumental and fade

Intro/outro                             A/D Chord for chorus