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Broken Dove Chords

Capo 5th Fret

Verses: C  Dm  F  C
        C  G   F  C

Intro: C  EM  F  C
        C  G   F  C

Verses: Broken Dove, fly from me,
        I've taught you all you needed from me

        Broken Dove, pass me by,
        you were the one who made me fly...
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        Broken Dove, leave this tree,
        there's a whole world out there for you to see...

Repeat Intro

        Broken Dove, fly from me,
        you're free to go and do want you please,

        Broken Dove, let me go,
        I've found a new path where the wind blows,

        Broken Dove, sing for me,
        you'll always be inside of me...

Instrumental with solos and harmonicas,
fade out