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Fathom Chords

G         F#m  E    C
Where can I run?(I have no place to hide)
G        F#m  E     C
I Cannot fathom(the depths of your life)
G        F#m        E             C
I cannot comprehend why you chose me
G          F#m           E      C
It doesn't matter you've got to believe
 G   D        Am C G   D   Am     C
Ch: Raindrops fall and you wonder why
G        D     Am  C   G  D    Am    C
   Jesus gift to all, he gave his life

G, F#m, E, C x2

fill me(with your Holy spirit)

Astound me(with your grace)

humbly i come into your presence

safely in your gentle arms

    E    C       G        D
Br: Take me I am yours to keep
E    C           G          D
show me what you want me to be
     E          C          G        D
I am yours, i'm yours, i'm yours to keep
     E          C          G       D
your will, your will, your will be done

La, La, La, La....
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