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Girls Lie Too Chords


This is a new one off her new greatest hits cd. this song is sooo true!lol! i don't
thing you absoulutly neeeed a capo for this one, you can try it if you like though.
Have fun beltin' this one out! Rellim08

intro: D E G A

Verse 1:

A            D
She says she can't go out tonight again
Her sister's sick, she's gotta babysit
G                                    A
Yeah, that sounds like a pretty good excuse
Now you didn't hear this from me
But things aren't always what they seem
G                                          A
Brace yourself this may come as a shock to you
A         D
Girls lie too

G                      Em
We don't care how much money you make 
A               D
What you drive, or what you weigh
G                 Em
Size don't matter anyway
A         D
Girls lie too
G                      Em
Don't think you're the only ones
A                      D
Who bend it, break it, stretch it some
D               Em
We learned from you
A         D
Girls lie too


Verse 2:
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We can't wait to hear about you round of golf
Love to see deer heads hangin' on the walls
G                                       A
And we like Hooters for their hot wings too
Other guys never cross our minds
We don't wonder what it might be like 
G                                          A
How could it be any better than it is with you
A         D
Girls lie too

Repeat chorus

2nd Chorus:

A               D
Yeah, girls lie too
G         Em
We always forgive and forget
A                         D
The cards and flowers you never sent
Em                    G
Will never be brought up again
A         D
Girls lie too
G                    Em
Old gray sweat pants turn us on
A                     D
We like your friends, and we love your mom
Em             G
And that's the truth
A         D
Girls lie too
E                G
Yeah, that's the truth
A         D
Girls lie too

Outro:D E G A

(Say while playing outro)
No, we don't care how much hair you have
Yeah, that looks good
Comb it over like that.

That's it! it's a pretty easy song, and pretty self explanitory. Boo-ya!&^)