Terri Clark Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Beautiful & Broken Tab
02. Better Things To Do Chords
03. Better Things To Do (ver 2) Chords
04. Breakin' Up Thing Tab
05. Dirty Girl Chords
06. Empty Chords
07. Flowers In Snow Tab
08. Girls Lie Too Chords
09. Honky Tonk Song Chords
10. Im Alright Chords
11. I Just Wanna Be Mad Chords
12. I Wanna Do It All Chords
13. Let Me Love You Longer Chords
14. Lonesomes Last Call Chords
15. Lonesome's Last Call Tab
16. Northern Girl Tab
17. Not A Bad Thing Chords
18. Now That Ive Found You Chords
19. No Fear Chords
20. One Of The Guys Chords
21. Pain To Kill Chords
22. She Didnt Have Time Chords
23. Smile Tab
24. The Good Was Great Tab
25. The One Tab
26. Three Mississippi Chords
27. We're Here For A Good Time Tab
28. When Boy Meets Girl Chords
29. Wrecking Ball Tab