Rodney Carrington Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Angel Friend Chords
02. Brainless Chords
03. Camouflage And Christmas Lights Chords
04. Carlos Man Of Love Chords
05. Dancin With A Man Chords
06. Dear Penis Chords
07. Dont Look Now Chords
08. Do You All Chords
09. Drink More Beer Chords
10. Fred Chords
11. Gay Factory Worker Chords
12. If Im The Only One Chords
13. If You Play Your Cards Wrong Chords
14. Married To My Pickup Truck Chords
15. Prison Bitch Chords
16. Put Your Clothes Back On Chords
17. Rap Star Chords
18. Rap Star (ver 2) Chords
19. Rap Star (ver 3) Chords
20. Rhymes With Truck Chords
21. Shes Seen A Lot Of Dick Chords
22. Show Them To Me Chords
23. Show Them To Me (ver 2) Chords
24. That Awful Day Chords
25. The Beer Song Chords
26. The Beer Song Bass Tab
27. The Chicken Song Chords
28. Titties And Beer Chords
29. Titties And Beer (ver 2) Chords
30. Titties And Beer (ver 3) Chords
31. Titties And Beer (ver 4) Chords
32. Ugly Women Chords
33. Want My Baby Back Chords
34. When My Wife Met My Girlfriend Chords
35. Who Put The Dick On The Snowman Chords