Hot Chip Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Alley Cats Tab
02. Always Been Your Love Tab
03. And I Was A Boy From School Chords
04. Arrest Yourself Chords
05. Bendable Poseable Tab
06. Boy From School Chords
07. Boy From School (ver 2) Chords
08. Boy From School (ver 3) Chords
09. Brothers Bass Tab
10. Dark & Stormy Tab
11. Don't Deny Your Heart Tab
12. Ends Of The Earth Tab
13. Flutes Tab
14. Hand Me Down Your Love Chords
15. Hold On Chords
16. How Do You Tab
17. In The Privacy Of Our Love Live Tab
18. I Feel Better Tab
19. Let Me Be Him Tab
20. Look After Me Tab
21. Look At Where We Are Chords
22. Look At Where We Are Tab
23. Made In The Dark Chords
24. Motion Sickness Chords
25. Motion Sickness Tab
26. Night And Day Tab
27. Night And Day Bass Tab
28. Night Day Bass Tab
29. Now There Is Nothing Tab
30. One Pure Thought Intro Tab
31. Over And Over Tab
32. Over And Over Bass Tab
33. Ready For The Floor Chords
34. Ready For The Floor Acoustic Chords
35. Slush Chords
36. These Chains Chords
37. These Chains Tab
38. The Warning Bass Tab
39. Were Looking For A Lot Of Love Chords