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Way You Look At Me Chords

The way you look at me
Christian Bautista
Transcribed by: Leo Andi Basuki

Verse 1:

 D               Am              Bm   Bm/G
No one ever saw me like you do

 D                  Am              Bm   Bm/G
All the things that i could add up to

Bm                     A/C#                    G
I never knew just what a smile was worth

               A              Bm
But your eyes say everything
without a single word

'Cause there's something in the

D7                    G 
way you look at me
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         D                    D7
It's as if my heart knows
you're the missing piece

You make me believe that 

there's nothing in this world i can't be

     G                    D/F#
I never know what you see but

Em                  A 
there's something in the way

you look at me


   Bm                  A
I don't know, how, or why

G                     D   A/C#
I feel different in your eyes

   Bm              A              CM7
All i know is it happens everytime.