Christian Bautista Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Afraid For Love To Fade Chords
02. Afraid For Love To Fade (ver 2) Chords
03. Beautiful Girl Chords
04. Beautiful In My Eyes Chords
05. Beautiful In My Eyes (ver 2) Chords
06. Be My Number Two Chords
07. Blue Eyes Blue Chords
08. Break Me Chords
09. Call Center Chords
10. Christian Bautista Live Chords
11. Could Not Ask For More Chords
12. Everything You Do Chords
13. Finding Out The Hard Way Chords
14. Fixing A Broken Heart Chords
15. Fixing A Broken Heart Tab
16. Got To Believe In Magic Chords
17. Hands To Heaven Chords
18. Hands To Heaven (ver 2) Chords
19. Hands To Heaven (ver 3) Chords
20. Hands To Heaven Tab
21. Hands To Heaven (ver 2) Tab
22. Hands To Heaven (ver 3) Tab
23. Hands To Heaven (ver 4) Tab
24. Heaven Help Chords
25. If Ever Youre In My Arms Again Chords
26. If Ever Youre In My Arms Again (ver 2) Chords
27. If Ever Youre In My Arms Again (ver 3) Chords
28. Im Already King Chords
29. Invincible Chords
30. I Can Love You Easy Chords
31. I Remember The Girl Chords
32. I Wont Hold You Back Chords
33. Just A Love Song Chords
34. Kailan Pa May Ikaw Chords
35. Kailan Pa May Ikaw (ver 2) Chords
36. Make It With You Chords
37. More Than Youll Ever Know Chords
38. More Than Youll Ever Know Tab
39. My Heart Has A Mind Of His Own Chords
40. My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own Chords
41. Nag-iisang Bituin Chords
42. Nag-iisang Bituin (ver 2) Chords
43. Of All The Things Chords
44. Only Reminds Me Of You Chords
45. Pasko Na Sinta Ko Chords
46. Please Be Careful With My Heart Chords
47. She Could Be Chords
48. She Could Be (ver 2) Chords
49. So Its You Chords
50. The Way You Look At Me Chords
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