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every riff is wrong
Weezer - Beverly Hills Tab - Posted: 2005/08/30 9:50pm
dude i dont no how u could get any less than a perfect ten on this cuz i've gone through this tab and 
normally i have to correct some things to play it right but u just nailed this one

Green Day - Holiday (ver 2) Tab - Posted: 2005/08/12 12:01am
this is perfect(apart from the solo), and who the hells name r we supposed to spell rite?9.9rating
u cant claim copyright idiot, u didnt make the f u $ k i n g song.
Bon Jovi - Its My Life Tab - Posted: 2005/08/07 5:38pm
u r a loser, u just copied the first its my life tab
Metallica - Enter Sandman (ver 5) Tab - Posted: 2005/07/19 3:22pm
huever made this is a dumass