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Jealousy Chords

   A5     G5    E5    D5#   E5#  F5#     G5#    A5#  G5#  F5#   B5

E5x           A5x     B5x                 G5x
She looks at you and hey, I know you're looking too
E5x         A5x     B5x     G5
I fight to smile everyone says I'm in denial
E5x             A5x        B5x                                 G5
A voice that's cute, I've got no reason to hate her cept that she's got you
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E5              A5            B5                 G5
She's talkin', she's takin', she's takin' your eyes away from me
E5             A5                B5          G5
I'm thinkin', I'm thinkin', I'll be everything you want me to be

E5x         A5x     B5x                       G5x
I know I could, do better than her, but just sayin' it's no good
E5x        A5x        B5x        G5x
I'll be ready, yeah, by Monday I'll be aware and steady
E5x          A5x                     B5                   G5
To take her down, then everyone'll laugh and she'll be the clown

E5x            A5x             B5x             G5x
My confidence subsides, the ocean inside me is back to low tide
E5x          A5x               B5                         G5
I won't do jack, then I'll be quiet and steady till that feelin'

comes back



D5#    E5#      F5#      G5#
By the looks of it, I've lost this game
D5#       E5#           F5#         G5#
But that's OK, cause I know you're hard to tame

Key change
E5#            A5#            B5#            G5#
She's takin', she's takin', she's takin your eyes away from me
E5#           A5#             B5#       G5#
I'm thinkin I'm thinkin I'll be everything you want me to be

If anyone has an opening riff to this song in mind, PLEASE let me know!!!