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Andorra Chords

ANDORRA (Rod Argent/ Colin Blunstone)

Em(#5)                 F#m7/11(b5)
The nearer we got to Andorra
    G5             A7(sus)
The sun set on the land
Em(#5)             F#m7/11(b5)
Mourning mountains pointed
       G5                  A7(sus)
To the black clouds in the west

Hey there’s a darkness 
And a sky that’s not alight
Hey there’s a rain cloud there
That’s shutting out the light
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Em        C
What do I tell you, it’s
B7           B7/A
  Always the same
         C/G         B7/F#
When you run for the sun
You catch the rain…

As soon as we reached Barcelona
A cold wind touched the beach
And the sun we’d left in London
Was way beyond our reach

Hey I said: “Darling
It seems a waste of time…”
Hey all we do is sit and
Drink our Spanish wine


In all of the tales of Granada
They tell of Islam drums
Left but east of Moorish law
Beneath a Moorish sun

Oh how we yearned to turn our
Faces to that glare
Down from the mountains came the 
Rain to soak our hair


(chicka chicka tah…)
Have Fun!
Paul Toepoel, the Netherlands