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A Rose For Emily Chords

A Rose For Emily (Argent)
From the Zombies' 1968 album 'Odessey and Oracle'
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G                D             Fdim       A/E
Though summer is here at last, the sky is overcast
    Ddim          A/C#          Bm7  Bm7/E  E7
And no one brings a rose for emily
G               D            Fdim          A/E
She watches her flowers grow, while lovers come and go
   Ddim            A/C#           Bm7
To give each other roses from her tree
    E7             A
But not a rose for emily

Bb     F                      C#dim           D
Emily, can't you see, there's nothing you can do
Gdim           D/F#       A7            D  D/C
There's loving everywhere, but none for you

A      A7     D/A      Ddim     Asus4     A