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Warm Sound Chords

Warm Sound - Zero 7

The primary chords for this song are played on electric piano, and you can imitate the 
by playing the bottom three strings of each chord. It helps to listen to the song and 
the bass line.

Standard Tuning

Intro plays a bass line in the blues key of C with a piano playing a C chord in the background.


C     Eb9       C       Eb9
  Faith sealer, I don't feel you
C       Eb9          C    Eb9
  Don't hear you speak.
C    Eb9  C         Eb9
  Maybe     someone else will
C      Eb9     C   Eb9
  Help you to see.
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Eb       D7    Dbmaj7    C
   Warm sound, falling slowly,
Eb           D7    Dbmaj7   C
   Takes the time away from me.
Eb       D7  Dbmaj7     C
   Warm sound, feeling no pain,
Eb         D7         Dbmaj7   C
   Taking their time away from me.

C-Eb9 transition

C       Eb9   C        Eb9
  Fake feeler,  I see through you
C      Eb9        C     Eb9
  With my eyes closed.


Eb             F
   They can't tell me
G              Ab
   what they can't see
Bb         F      C    Eb9  C  Eb9
   How it feels here
C               D     Eb     F
   Just how it feels here (x8)

Outro fades with C-D-Eb-F progression.