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Simple Things Chords

Simple Things - Zero 7
Standard Tuning (EADGBe)

Play this song by plucking the bass note of the chord on the first beat, and plucking 
D,G,& B strings between the second and third beat of each measure. Listen to the song to 
the rhythm down.

These chords also work for electric piano. The solos dance between the key of C minor 
the blues key of C.

   Cm     B/G   D#maj7     D7      D#maj7/Bb   F/A
   3       x        6       5          6         1
   4       3        8       7          8         1
   5       4        7       5          7         2
   5       3        8       7          8         3
   3       x        6       5          x         0
   x       3        x       x          6         x

Cm repeats rhythmically until verse

Verse 1
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Cm            D#maj7   B/G    Cm
  It's an easy ride to Rome
Cm            D#maj7   B/G    Cm
  You'll never walk alone
Cm            D#maj7   B/G    Cm
  Naturally we blew
Cm        D#maj7    D7   B/G  Cm
  Simple things we say

Chorus 1

Cm    D#maj7/Bb    F/A    B/G              Cm
 E  -   v'ry     - day       we'll find the way

Cm x4 (repeats for a measure, transition back to verse)

Verse 2 (same as verse 1)

Seems like we've opened up the door
Feels like we've walked this way before
Naturally we blew
Simple things, you say?

Chorus repeats are the same chord progression, with lyrical changes

Every day, you'll find the way
In amazement