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Glorifila Tab

Song:	Glorifila
Artist:	Zed

This NZ band is about to release in the US
An earlier release I reckon their best


The proper way

Strum C chord to G string then pick last two strings
Repeat for G chord
Then repeat for Am chord but after picking E string pick back down to G string

My way

     C         G             D

E ---------|---------|---------0-----|
B -------1-|-------0-|-------1---1---|
G -----0---|-----0---|-----2-------2-|
D ---2-----|---0-----|---2-----------|
A -3-------|-2-------|-0-------------|
E ---------|---------|---------------|

Play this twice

Verse 1  (Continue Intro riff till last line)

C		G		Am
She keeps me waiting in the morning
C		G		Am
By tying ribbons in here hair
C		G		Am
And come the evening there's no warning
	Dm	Am	      Bb   F
Why I'm not to know why she isn't there

Verse 2 (strum softly last line build to chorus)
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C		G		Am
No time to tell her all the reasons
C		G		Am
Why I always disappear
C		G		Am
And in those desparate situations
	Dm	Am	      Bb   F
I just fade away, still she never cares


G		C	  G
But Glorafila says, she says
			Am	  F
It's just another sunday afternoon
		C	  G
And Glorafila says, she says
			Am	   F
there ain't no point in loving you 

Verse 3

C		G		Am
She keeps me wrapped around her finger
C		G		Am
So I don't know what to do
C		G		Am
But useing my imagination
	Dm	Am	      Bb   F
She could set me free, I bet she's dying to

Verse 4

C		G		Am
Sipping wine around her table
C		G		Am
Her expense is plain to see
C		G		Am
Entertaining for a living
	Dm	Am	      Bb   F
She's got everthing that she doesn't keep


Em	  Fmaj7			Dm
I can sleep at night, I'm all strung out
Things just ain't right
  Gm		   G
I really need to know

Chorus x2