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Transcribed by Jeff Langille
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Song : Yo Cats (3:34)
Album: FZ Meets the Mothers of Prevention (#44, 11/21/85)

4/4, Key of F (usually)

This is a cool piece about the music biz and FZ's impression of session
players.  This is a fun song to play so if you've never heard it dig up
a copy of FZMMP, well worth it with some excellent, short Synclavier comps.
Some of the chord in this one are questionable.  Especially the C/F/Ami/Dmi.
I played with this one a lot before I settled on those chords. Some other
options include G/F/C/Dmi and C/Bb/Ami/G.  The B/F#/C#/G... section is
also very weird.  These chords work with the melody but harmonically aren't
the greatest in the song (unless you like that sorta thing :0)  If you
find alternates let me know.
This song has subjective chords because the progressions are implied 
by the melody only.  There are no clear chord parts being played.

|F	Dmi	|Bb	Gmi	|F	Dmi	|Bb	Gmi	|

|F	Dmi	|Bb	C	|C		|Db		|

|F	Dmi	|Bb	C	|C	F	|Ami	Dmi	|

|Bb		|Db		|Db	C	|B D G	|E		|
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|F	Dmi	|Bb	Gmi	|C	F	|Ami	Dmi	|

|B	F#	|C#	G	|Bb	F	|Bb	Ab	||

|G	E	|A	E	|G	E	|A	E	|

|A	E	|G	D	|F	C	|Eb	Bb	|

|F		|Ab		|F		|Ab		|

|Ab		|A		|Bb		|B		|

|C	G	|Bb	F	|Ab	Eb	|Gb	Db	||

|F	Dmi	|Bb	Gmi	|F	Dmi	|Bb	Gmi	|

|F	Dmi	|Bb	C	|C		|Db		|

|F	Dmi	|Bb	C	|C	F	|Ami	Dmi	|

|Bb		|Db		|Db	C	|B D G	|E		|

|F	Dmi	|Bb	C	|C	F	|Ami	Dmi	|

|Bb		|Db		|Db	C	|		||

|Dmi		|Emi		|Ami		|		|

|F		|Dmi		|Bb		|Gmi		|

|F		|Dmi		|Bb		|Gmi		|

|F		|Dmi		|		|		||

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