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Those 3 Words Chords

Capo 5

Entire song: Am  -  C  -  F  -  E

It's something that I love feel.
People are always always so so nice.
And so full of life.
Every sound, every dream, everything I feel is what I'm loving to feel right now.
Don't you know that you are loved.
You are loved.
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Every moment. Every sound gets us closer to the town.
Gettin closer all around.
Getting closer to the sound.
Every moment, every dream. Every cry, every scream.
Is what makes us love all the time.
And I, well I care for you.
And I feel just like I love you too.
And those 3 words, is what makes this world go around.

So I'm feelin it right now.
I'm feelin you, your feelin me, and it sweet.
How throughout the world, you know theres so much love.