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Open Up Your Mind Chords

Chords: F - C - Gm - C - F

F                 C                Gm           C
Open up your mind to find a world inside.
Relax and realize it's your time to shine.
A light illuminates the idea that creates all this time.
F     -    C      -      F       -      C      -    F
So I thank you for your love making it fine.
Theres clues to how to open up your mind.
An experience beyond any other is a sign.
You've been hugged and embraced by some energy thats kind.
So now I express gratitude for shrine.
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Dm     -       Dm 7 -        Am     -       Gm
It's a song that teaches you how to open up your mind.
Also it can teach you how to find what you want to find.
F    -                                  C      -            Gm
Time creates more matter creating more space for you to fly.
Repeating it will open up your mind.
Love, love, love.

Gm      -       C    -                          F -   A -     Dm
Repetition is the key to following your heart you see.
All the songs in your mind separate them for some time.
You froze as you created some art
that touched the world and made them cry.
A#m -  Am
Let your heart speak. Let your heart speak.

F      -                C        -        Gm
I thank you for your love that makes this life so fine.
Writing new songs all the time.
When opening up your mind we'll take deep breaths and sighs.
Know that love is never a lie.

Gm    -     C-      F     -
Love love love love